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Flawless Hybrid app development for multiple platforms using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Cross Platform Mobile Development Service

Coders Deck offers customized, user-friendly, and high-quality cross platform application development services in USA. Our team helps companies engage their potential users across various platforms and devices by delivering robust hybrid mobile applications. As a trusted service provider, we focus on planning, orchestrated execution, and quality checks to ensure the results match your business goals, timeline, and budget.
Cross-Platform App Developers & Experts
Creating top-notch apps for multiple mobile platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows phone comes with tremendous responsibility. We have the best developers who have extensive experience in cross platform development and can create a multipurpose mobile solution that functions efficiently on different devices.With cross platform applications, you can simultaneously reach many users across different operating systems by developing a single product. At Coders Deck, you can rest assured about premium quality apps and timely delivery. Because we are best in this.

Native vs. Cross-Platform Apps

When it comes to cross platform development strategy there are two popular ways that most companies and developers choose from.
Native app development is a traditional way for developing apps, where each app is developed for a single platform. Native apps are faster and can function offline; however, they don’t work on all devices and platforms and usually take more time and resources.
Apps like Ionic framework use web-based code that can run on many different devices using one codebase. Hybrid application allow businesses to release the same product across multiple operating systems at once; however, performance might suffer as it depends on internet connectivity.

What Is Cross-Platform Development?

The term “cross-platform mobile app development” or “hybrid mobile app development” speaks for itself. It is an approach that allows experts to develop apps that are simultaneously compatible with several operating systems and platforms (Android, iOS, Windows).Hybrid mobile apps have a native look that makes them indistinguishable from other available apps on each platform. They can be optimized for a given OS and bring all the bells and whistles of the particular operating system while integrating with several hardware components (camera, microphone).

Hire Experienced, On-Demand Developers

Without going through the hassle of managing a team on-site, you can access experts who have the skills and expertise needed for application development. If you need a solo experienced developer, our experts are available as full-time employees or freelance, so you get a scalable workforce that is suited to your project’s requirements.
Lets check out our pricing model for custom cross platform app development. We have three pricing plans.
Applications where people share a scope, and we deliver at a fixed cost to you. You are not charged any additional fee based on increasing or decreasing the area after the application is provided to you. With this pricing model, you are sure to have the cost estimated before your project begins.
Our second model is time-based work. We estimate work requirements, and the client pays on the hourly rate agreed. We negotiate the hourly rate with our clients based on their budget and the features they want to be delivered on time. This is useful for apps where the requirements are not fixed at first.
If you need a hands-off approach for cross platform app development, we have a monthly plan. You get the time and support related to your project without any obligation. Its like hiring an outsourced team every month.

Industry-Specific App Development Services

Creating apps that are commercially viable for any industry requires detailed knowledge about its processes, challenges, and how the technology intervention can produce some great results.At Coders Deck, we have years of experience in serving different industries that helped businesses achieve great results.
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How We Make Mobile Applications Differently

We have a dedicated team of native mobile app developers with expertise in multiple areas, including design and development. We understand that every client has different requirements, so we start from scratch. With that comes a brighter and more suitable final product. The difference between other companies and our mobile app development services is that we offer complete end-to-end services instead of developing the app. This means we design, launch, and promote apps and handle future maintenance and updates.
Our Approach to Developing Mobile Apps
Designs for Target Users
100% Native Code
Scalability & Performance
High-End Programming Expertise
Test-Driven Development
Application Performance Optimization

Road To Successful Application Development:

An experience ensuring best results, befitting your business needs.


Project Requirements
Collect all the project description from the client because all Android application development begins with understanding your needs. We create technical documents that outlines the project features and functionalities.


Wireframing & Prototyping
Meanwhile, the teams work on producing wireframes.


A business analyst will outline and define application flows in the use case document . The use case document will also help in defining the screen flows and designing Android application architecture. Our business analysts will guide you in every step.


UI Design
The next stage is designing, which consists of understanding each screen's functionality, determining how it interacts with other screens, and what kind of data should be loaded in it. UI is very important for creating a reliable product.


We create a project plan that outlines each iteration’s milestones, tasks, and deliverables following the agile methodology. We make sure that all the features are built according to your requirements.


Development Phase
This is an iterative process where programming code is written for new features in every iteration. Our Android application developers make sure that you get your application on the play store from scratch to a running app as soon as possible.


Quality Assurance
Once the development is done, we start testing for bugs and errors on android device. After a thorough clean-up process, we pass on the final version to you for approval. Your feedback is then incorporated into the next iteration of your project.


App Launch
After you approve the app, we submit it to the google play store. Once it’s live on the store, several things need to be done, such as setting up a developer account with Google, configuring your application in play protect, checking the android version, and more.


App Distribution & Maintenance
Once your Android mobile app goes live on the Google play store, we help you promote it through various channels. We also provide support post-launch with quick turnaround times. If any issues crop up in the future due to an update from Google or any changes made by your team, we will take care of them at minimal costs.

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