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Elevate Your Business with Premium iOS Applications Built Using Swift & Objective C.

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Elevate your business with premium and custom iOS app development services in USA. With more than a decade of experience in mobile application development, we have mastered the art and science behind successful iOS app development. Leverage our rich expertise in iOS app development to build an engaging app for your industry.
iPhone Application Development
We offer iPhone app development services, our experienced developers put their best foot forward to developing engaging, rich enterprise iOS apps with features like personalization, localization support, etc. Besides, they are adept at integrating backend systems with frontend components for smooth data flow within the app.At Coders Deck, you can rest assured about premium quality and timely iOS app delivery services. We never compromise on quality because we love what we do, and our talented team knows your business deserves nothing else than the best.

We Can Build Apps for Any iOS Device

Whether you need an iPhone app or if you want to build a universal app that will run on all Apple devices, our iOS app developers will assist you from the design to development to the ongoing maintenance phase of your project because we have the best and most experienced team with extensive expertise.
iPod App Development
We also make iOS apps optimized for iPod devices. There is a growing demand for apps that work on all Apple devices.
iPad Application Development Services
Our iPhone application developers are well aware of the intricacies involved in custom iPad app development.
Applications for Apple Watch
Not long ago, smartwatches were viewed as overpriced toys for the affluent gadget geek. But technology has progressed.
iPhone App Development Services
We offer iPhone app development services using the latest tools and artificial intelligence technologies. We have proven skills.
Applications for Apple TV
We built native iOS apps for iPhones and iPad. But we don't stop there! We're experts at developing apps for Apple TV, too.

A Next-Gen iOS App Development Company

At Coders Deck, we have helped businesses across all major industries and niches, from startups to enterprises. We believe in catering to each client’s specific needs, offering bespoke development solutions that are cost-effective and efficient.
All the iOS projects we undertake are approached with a solid plan which is defined by factors like research, wireframing & prototyping, strategy formulation, UI/UX design, information architecture, coding & bug testing, etc.We have highly skilled iOS app developers who work closely with designers. Our team ensures that your idea becomes a reality within the promised time frame without compromising quality standards.

How We Make iOS Apps Differently

We understand that iOS is essentially a platform in itself with its own set of complexities and intricacies. We know how to make each application stand out well enough to be uniquely engaging for the user while ensuring compatibility across iOS devices.
We use different techniques according to project scope, but below is the way how we work differently from others.
The success of an Android app is mainly dependent on the user experience provided by your mobile platform, and UX has a significant impact on making sure that customers are satisfied with your mobile platform. This aspect is one of the most crucial aspects in creating excellent Android apps. We ensure that you get a perfect user experience with our Android development services.
The apps designed by us are for the target users only. We do not build apps for ourselves, our team, or any other developer who designs them just because they can design well enough. This is short-sighted and will not help you get your application in front of the right kind of people. We can create applications with a great user experience, so you get maximum conversion from the mobile platform.
Our developers do not compromise on quality. They write 100% native Objective-C or Swift code for iOS mobile apps, so you have a smooth, fluid app experience. We do not rely on web views and other technologies that only give a visual approximation of an app while its performance is lacking.
We make sure the apps we build are scalable. We design your applications for maximum performance across devices of different sizes, resolutions, and technologies. Because performance is an essential factor in the success of your app, we make sure that your iOS application delivers what it promises.We are also familiar with OpenGL, which means that you get all the performance benefits of this technology when we develop your applications - hardware acceleration and efficient rendering support for complex scenes with dynamic geometry.
The apps we build are tested extensively for robustness. We follow the best-test-driven development practices and choose suitable tools and frameworks appropriate to your projects requirements. Our experts are well-versed in this kind of development which means that the code they write is efficient, maintainable, and scalable.
We mean business when we say high-end mobile application development. We follow all of Apples recommended techniques for optimizing iOS applications performance. Our expert iPhone developers are familiar with code profiling tools - gdb, Instruments, Xcode Profiler to make your app run faster than it would otherwise do. We mean business when we say high-end mobile application development. We follow all of Apples recommended techniques for optimizing iOS applications performance. Our expert iPhone developers are familiar with code profiling tools - gdb, Instruments, Xcode Profiler to make your app run faster than it would otherwise do.

Industry-Specific IOS Development

Creating apps that are commercially viable for any industry requires detailed knowledge about its processes, challenges, and how the technology intervention can produce some great results.At Coders Deck, we have years of experience in serving different industries that helped businesses achieve great results.
Social Networking

Custom iOS Mobile App Features

At Coders Deck, we can program any feature you desire into your custom iOS mobile app to represent your brand best, provide the ultimate user experience, and enable full backward compatibility.
WiFi Connectivity
Camera & Video Functionality
Emojis & Custom Avatar Generators
Animation, Sounds, & Haptics
Accessibility Controls
Privacy Settings
Near-Field Communication (NFC) Technology
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technology
Augmented Reality
GPS Technology/Geolocators
Bluetooth Beacon Connectors
In-App Purchase Modules
Automatic or Manual iOS Update
iOS Update Notifications
Backward Compatibility
Screen Sharing & Video streaming
App Store Downloads
Jiggle Mode

Road To Successful Application Development:

An experience ensuring best results, befitting your business needs.


Project Requirements
Collect all the project description from the client because all Android application development begins with understanding your needs. We create technical documents that outlines the project features and functionalities.


Wireframing & Prototyping
Meanwhile, the teams work on producing wireframes.


A business analyst will outline and define application flows in the use case document . The use case document will also help in defining the screen flows and designing Android application architecture. Our business analysts will guide you in every step.


UI Design
The next stage is designing, which consists of understanding each screen's functionality, determining how it interacts with other screens, and what kind of data should be loaded in it. UI is very important for creating a reliable product.


We create a project plan that outlines each iteration’s milestones, tasks, and deliverables following the agile methodology. We make sure that all the features are built according to your requirements.


Development Phase
This is an iterative process where programming code is written for new features in every iteration. Our Android application developers make sure that you get your application on the play store from scratch to a running app as soon as possible.


Quality Assurance
Once the development is done, we start testing for bugs and errors on IOS device. After a thorough clean-up process, we pass on the final version to you for approval. Your feedback is then incorporated into the next iteration of your project.


App Launch
After you approve the app, we submit it to the google play store. Once it’s live on the store, several things need to be done, such as setting up a developer account with Google, configuring your application in play protect, checking the IOS version, and more.


App Distribution & Maintenance
Once your Android mobile app goes live on the Google play store, we help you promote it through various channels. We also provide support post-launch with quick turnaround times. If any issues crop up in the future due to an update from Google or any changes made by your team, we will take care of them at minimal costs.

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